Tuesday SnapShots is a weekly recurring photo-story that presents photographs of a brewery, tasting room, or other alcohol industry-related location that our team has visited in the past.

Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse in Photographs

Name: Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Date of Visit: Fall 2013

Brief Description: Launched in the fall of 2011, Against The Grain Brewery & Smokehouse is located in the southeast corner of Louisville Slugger Field in a former train station that features beautifully ornate industrial architecture. Most noteworthy, the brewery/restaurant is Louisville’s first brewer-owned brewery and a prime example of revitalization efforts ongoing in Louisville.

atg_01Against the Grain Brewery is Louisville’s first brewer-owned brewery.


atg_26The restaurant features a 15 BBL brew house.


atg_14While the industrial architecture creates a spacious environment…


atg_25…weather permitting, the outdoor seating is more festive.


atg_16Notably, the brewery/restaurant features a regularly rotating line-up of craft beers.


atg_08Almost all the beers have unusual names, like this “Citra Wet Ass Down”…


atg_04 and may also have unusual looks, like this bottle of “Kentucky Ryed Chiquen”.


atg_11Although the beers may sound or look whimsical, this place takes craft beer flavor, innovation and quality seriously.


atg_31Furthermore, they are serious about supporting the local community, including local artists.


atg_15Whether outdoors..


atg_06… or indoors


atg_20Visiting Against the Grain is a home run!


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