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A Brief History of Mexican Lager is the Lead Story in 5 Stories Over Beer

1. A Brief History of Mexican Lager: Mexican lagers are experiencing a new surge in popularity. Beer lovers are rediscovering that Mexican lagers are sessionable, flavorful, crisp, and smooth. Find out more about Mexican lagers and their history by clicking here.

Mexican lagerMexico’s beer roots are much deeper than you may know.

2. What Does the Term “Lace” in Beer Mean?: If you aren’t familiar with the term beer “lacing”, the click here to find out what it means.

beer-laceWhat do you mean, “My lace is showing?”

3. Why Do the Bubbles in My Guinness Stout Sink?: Time for a little beer science. Next time you drink a lager or a pale ale, take a moment and notice the bubbles rising. However, drink a Guinness or some other stout and you’ll see the bubbles sinking. Why? Click here to find out.

guinness_draughtUp or down?

4. Interested in Owning a Brewery?: Here’s one for sale. Click here to find out about how you can buy this brewery in San Diego.

logo_lightningFor Sale

5. Terminology – Beer vs. Craft Beer: Is the term “craft beer’ being over used? Click here to read the opinion of Beer Advocate.

44smack-820x564Beer Advocate on using the word “craft”.

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