Tuesday SnapShots is a weekly recurring photo-story that presents photographs of a brewery, tasting room, or other alcohol industry-related location that our team has visited in the past.

Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom in Photographs

Name: Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom

Location: Hood River, Oregon

Date of Visit: Fall 2014

Brief Description: Matt Swihart and Charlie Devereaux (former employees of Full Sail Brewing) started and opened Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom in 2007. Matt, a former assistant brewer at Full Sail Brewing, focused on the brewery and Charlie focused on marketing and sales. In 2013, Matt purchased Charlie’s shares to take full control of Double Mountain.

double-mountain_07 Double Mountain’s brewery and taproom are co-located in Hood River, OR.


double-mountain_03The 20-barrel brewery features a number of hand-me-down pieces of equipment from other breweries.


double-mountain_02Most noteworthy, all of the beers are served unfiltered and long-aged, to deliver maximum flavor and character.


double-mountain_09They currently make four year-round beers – 1) Hop Lava, 2) India Red Ale, 3) Kölsch, and 4) The Vaporizer. In addition, a wide and ever-changing variety of seasonals, one-offs, and experiments complement the year-round selections.


double-mountain_05The taproom is casual. Also, pizzas, salads, and sandwiches compose the food menu.


double-mountain_08Most of all, the beers are delicious. Sample flights are available. All of our beers feature Pilsner malt from Gambrinus Malting in British Columbia as the base ingredient, supplemented by various high-quality specialty malts and often copious amounts of hops.


double-mountain_01One of my favorites and a cult classic is Devil’s Kriek. Double Mountain uses almost four hundred pounds of Bing and Van cherries from a local orchard to make this Flanders Red Sour Ale. In addition, they use two house yeast strains, along with Brettanomyces lambicus for fermentation. They cellar the ale, where it rests on the fruit for a year. Tart and refreshing, the beer features flavors of cherry juice, a little funk, and raspberry jam. Delicious!


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