De Struise Black Albert

De Struise Black Albert was brewed in tribute to Ebenezer's Pub
De Struise Black Albert was brewed in tribute to Ebenezer’s Pub (located in Lovell, ME)
I think a road trip to Maine may be in my future travel plans!

De Struise Black Albert (13% ABV):  Brewed with 100% Belgian ingredients, Black Albert is produced by De Struise Brewery for (and as a tribute to) Ebenezer’s Pub, which RateBeer, BeerAdvocate, and many others have called a World Class Gastropub.  This beer pours blacker than black with a dark brown foamy head that lingers seductively.  An aroma of malt, fresh coffee, dark chocolate, and floral hops seduces you into raising the glass to your mouth.  Black Albert is full-bodied with lovely carbonation and a richness that coats your tongue and throat.  The flavor starts with 80% Cacao chocolate, followed by complex hints of coffee, caramel barley, dried dark fruit, and licorice.  There is some alcohol warmth that is a perfect component to the flavor.  The finish consists of mocha, dark chocolate, and a wonderfully integrated hops bitterness.  This beer is powerful, complex, balanced, and elegant.  Black Albert makes me want to misbehave!


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