Gregorius Trappist Quad

Gregorius Trappist Quad is made in Austria and is brewed with honey
Gregorius Trappist Quad is made in Austria and is brewed with honey

Gregorius Trappist Quad (9.7% ABV): Brewed with honey, Gregorius Trappist Quad pours a very dark brown color and produces a lovely tan foam head with tiny bubbles.  The beer has a very malty aroma with some hints of bread.  This beer is full-bodied and well carbonated in a pleasant way.  Flavors of caramel, dark fruits like raisin and fig, and toasted barley malt abound.  Any evidence of honey is very subtle.  The high alcohol content does not interfere with the rich flavors in this well-integrated beer.  The beer finishes with a malty flavor that has hints of anise and molasses.  This is a delicious, complex, and solid  beer that makes me want to travel to Austria.



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