Lagunitas Rye-Barrel Aged Cappuccino Stout

lagunitasLagunitas Rye-Barrel Aged Cappuccino Stout (12+% ABV): Coffee beans from nearby Sebastopol’s Hardcore Coffee are freshly ground and added to the brew kettle and whirlpool to make this stout.  The version I sampled was also aged in rye bourbon barrels.  Rye-Barrel Aged Cappuccino Stout pours a deep black color with a reddish hue and tan foam that leaves a magnificent lace down the glass.  The beer has a wonderful and amazing aroma of coffee, chocolate, raisins, figs, bourbon, and rye that overlay a sweet malt background.  Rye-Barrel Aged Cappuccino Stout is full-bodied, rich, and creamy with a mildly prickly carbonation.  The beer tastes of sweet caramel malt followed with rye to balance out the sweetness.  Subtle espresso coffee, dark fruit, and chocolate flavors create a complex backdrop.  A rye bourbon finish is accompanied with lingering alcohol warmth.  This is a world-class beer that had me percolating with joy.

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