New Albanian Phoenix Kentucky Komon

Courtesy of New Albanian Brewing Company.
Courtesy of New Albanian Brewing Company.

Phoenix Kentucky Komon (5.0% ABV / 25 IBUs): This ale is NABC’s homage to Kentucky Common Beer.  Kentucky Common Beer is a distinct beer style that originated in Louisville and was popular in the area from the 1850s until Prohibition.  It was usually made with barley, approximately 25 to 30 percent corn, and a percentage of rye with some artificial coloring, caramel, or roasted malt to give it a dark color.  Brewers basically inverted a bourbon grain bill, conducted a sour mash (similar to bourbon) and instead of distilling the mash, they ran off the sweet and sour wort and boiled it with hops. When cooled, brewers yeast was pitched and within a few weeks they had an easy-drinking, slightly sour brown ale.

Phoenix Kentucky Komon poured a very dark brown color with off-white foam.  The beer had a malt and tart aroma with hints of caramel malt, cocoa, pear and crab apples.  Phoenix Kentucky Komom was light to medium-bodied with very mild carbonation.  The beer tasted of caramel malt, mild chocolate, pear, apple cider, and slight green apple or crabapple tartness.  The sour or tart nature of this beer is very different from Belgian lambics or Flanders sours.  There is nothing common about this delicious sour beer. I’m ready to rise from the ashes and have another pint!

  • Suggested Pairings – Tangy Cheeses; Rich Beef or Rabbit Stew
  • Serving Temperature – 45-50 degrees F
  • Glassware – Pint Glass

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