Pizza Port Pier Rat Porter

Pizza Port_webPier Rat Porter (5.5% ABV) – Pier Rat Porter won a Bronze Medal in the 2011 GABF and a Gold Medal Winner at the World Beer Cup.  The beer pours dark black with a tan foam head that has tiny bubbles.  Pier Rat Porter has a strong roasted coffee bean aroma with dark chocolate and sweet malt backgrounds.  This beer is medium-bodied with a delightfully prickly carbonation.  Pier Rat has  a nice coffee flavor up front followed by chocolate, roasted malt, biscuit, and a small hint of spice/pepper as part of a crisp finish.  The flavors are assertive but not overpowering or over-the-top like many U.S. porters.  This is a very drinkable porter that demonstrates subtlety and style.

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