Wicked Weed XIX Tamarind Saison

Wicked Weed XIX Tamarind Saison (5.2% ABV / 22 IBUs): Tamarind is a leguminous tree indigenous to tropical Africa with an edible fruit pulp.  Tamarind Saison pours a clear light gold color with white foam.  This farmhouse ale has an aroma of tamarind and malt grain.  Tamarind Saison is medium-bodied with moderate and prickly carbonation.  The beer has refreshing tastes of light tamarind, malt grain, hay, and lemon zest.  Tamarind Saison has a crisp finish.  XIX Tamarind is tasty but the tamarind is not a big contributor.

  • Suggested Pairings – Thai dishes
  • Serving Temperature – 45-50 degrees F
  • Glassware – Pint Glass, Tulip, or Oversized Wine Glass

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